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Last updated 10/10/05

Over the years the Collection has been involved in a small way with film and TV work. In 1982 six vehicles were used in the WW2 sequence in Pink Floyd's "The Wall", filmed at Saunton Sands here in North Devon. In 1984 we specially built a WWII Long Range Desert Group vehicle for use in a BBC film "The Secret Servant". For several years, perhaps because of North Devon's perceived geographic "isolation", we did very little film work, apart from local TV news type features.
In 1989 we took the T54 to the Paris Motor Show as part of the World of James Bond display. 24 hours at Le Havre docks, with my passport seized, and accused of illegal importation of arms into France made this a trip to remember.

We had a long wait to see the results of filming "Churchill, the Hollywood Years", and as yet I have not seen it. The Dodge Command Car we used is for sale if anyone wants a useful vehicle with bit of film experience. In September last year the T34 came out to perform with All Murray, for his "Road to Berlin". As well as the tank sequences, our field was used for demonstrations of other Russian and German weaponry. The Russian ROK Flamethrower was most impressive, the SFX boys had certainly made a real working replica which certainly functioned.

We provide our own drivers, and as part of a package we can help with the provision of props and personnel, and with two "serious" T34 jobs we were assisted by friends in a Russian Living History Unit, who provided a correctly turned out Russian crew, and also a German opposition. We have also supplied support vehicles and skilled drivers for off road locations. Many of the vehicles on our fleet list can be available for film work, and having been around the Military Vehicle collecting scene for several years, if we don't have the required vehicle, then we probably know a man who has.

Our last filming job in January meant taking the T34 tank to Poltimore House near Exeter for a recreation of the final days of WW2 in Berlin. This was for the Russian view for the forthcoming series "10 Days To Victory". Aided by some very good pyrotechnics I would hope the result should be a very realistic recreation.

Below are some of the productions we have been involved in.;

1982 The Wall ( Pink Floyd )

1983 Razors Edge

1984 The Secret Servant. Gavin Lyle, BBC

1984 Nanny, BBC

1989 Paris Motor Show, Mondial James Bond

1997 Land Girls. Plus Films

1998 Perfect Strangers, Family Tree. Talkback

1999 T34 CD Rom. DMPS Absolute, Bristol

2000 The T34 Tank, Flashback Television Ltd. Taylor Downing

2000 The Imjin- Reconstruction, Shearman Productions, Bristol

2001 Das Haus Der Schwestern. Zeigler Film
2001 Reign of Fire. Reign of Fire Productions Ltd.

2001 "The League Against Tedium" Simon Munnery. BBC

2002 Murder Most Foul. Zenith North.

2003 Building the Indestructible : Tank, Granada TV.

2003 Churchill, the Hollywood Years. Hollywood Years Productions (I.O.M.) Ltd

2004 D-Day. Dangerous Films Ltd

2004 The Road to Berlin, All Murray. ITN Factual Ltd

2005 10 days to Victory. 3BM Victory Ltd.


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