In Remembrance

Although more than 50 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, many of the people who  "did their bit" for this country during those difficult years are still with us.

Much of the material however, which they manufactured and used under the most difficult conditions to win that conflict was classed as "surplus" at the war's end, and most sold off in the late forties, often as scrap. Post war shortages saw cheap and hard wearing ex army clothing in great demand as work wear, and thousands carried their lunch in gas mask haversacks.

Many lorries found immediate civilian use in the growing transport industry, and light trucks were ideal for builders and farmers etc. Four wheel drive gun towing vehicles, with their cross country ability and power winches, were used by garages as recovery trucks, and in timber felling and transport. Home made cabs often replaced the original canvas covers, and bodywork was adapted to the users fancy. The armoured vehicles suffered much worse, with little civilian use for them, most were scraped, although a few Bren Gun Carriers were used as farm tractors.

We owe it to previous generations to preserve what is left from the period which has been called "Britain's finest hour".